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Desert EagleEdit

The Desert Eagle, also know as the Deagle, is the only secondary available in the game, along with the Glock 19. The gun carries .50 cal rounds making it a powerful weapon and has decent accuracy. However, the gun itself has considerable disadvantages such as low ammo cap, (7 rounds per clip.) and slow firerate.


The AK-47 is an extremely powerful assault rifle. It has extreme power but its very inaccurate after multiple shots and has high recoil. The AK-47's outstounding popularity is due to its efficiency in Counter -Strike. The AK-47 is the most popular weapon of Terrorists.


M4A1is an moderately powerful carbine. Its high power, combined with its incredibly controllable recoil and spread, make it an effective AK47 counterpart. The M4A1 can be mastered for every situation. For these reasons, the M4A1 is one of the most popular weapons in CSP.

Artic Warfare PoliceEdit

Also known as the AWP, is a Bolt-Action sniper rifle. It's a slow shooting weapon. However, excellent at long range and it always one shot kills anyone anywhere in the body. It features a scope that an be scoped in or out by using the mouse wheel, although not used often by players.

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